Local thrive, global impact

Prins USA is a part of GreenV

Together with our cooperating companies, we provide integrated solutions for professional crop production worldwide. Our team of horticulture experts understands your unique needs and the local conditions that define them.


About Us

At Prins USA, our roots run deep along the US East Coast, and we’re rapidly expanding our footprint across the West Coast. As a leading force in the horticultural industry with over 30 years of experience, we specialize in integrated greenhouse manufacturing projects, while also offering cutting-edge installation technology, internal transport solutions, and climate control systems. Backed by GreenV, a renowned international organization of horticultural innovators, we’re bridging continents to bring the unparalleled expertise of Dutch growers to American soil. Our team of experts is committed to crafting solutions tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Whether you’re venturing into mid-tech or high-tech greenhouse cultivation or exploring sunlight-independent (indoor farming) methods, we’re here to guide you towards a thriving future.

We deliver on our promises

Quality guaranteed

At Prins USA, quality is something we don't compromise on. We use only the best technologies from top suppliers, expertly installed by our own local teams and trusted service partners. Because we completely manage the process in-house, we guarantee the best quality, every time.

Results assurance

Our American approach means we don't just talk the talk, we deliver results. Armed with a no-nonsense attitude, we tackle challenges and get the job done efficiently and effectively. When you choose Prins USA, you choose expertise you can trust and results you can count on.

Single point of contact

When you work with us, your project is in capable hands from start to finish. We ensure seamless project management and execution of every aspect of your construction process. From cutting-edge Venlo greenhouses to service and maintenance, Prins USA delivers excellence at every turn.

Durable solutions

Our greenhouse structures and high-performance systems are built to last for decades. They enable the production of high-quality crops while minimizing resource consumption and environmental impact. By using less water, energy and fertilizers, we help your business grow while reducing our carbon footprint.

Organizational structure

Prins USA is proud to be a vital part of GreenV, a globally renowned consortium dedicated to revolutionizing the horticultural industry. In addition to Prins USA, GreenV consists of other esteemed entities like Stolze, Prins Group, Green Simplicity, HT Verboom, and Voshol, GreenV is committed to enriching countries worldwide with the transformative power of agriculture and floriculture. Our collective mission is clear: to cultivate thriving communities by providing access to fresh, healthy food, vibrant plants, and beautiful flowers—anytime, anywhere. Through our integrated approach and dedication, we believe that businesses can serve as catalysts for positive change, laying the groundwork for a brighter, more sustainable future. As an integral part of the GreenV family, Prins USA stands at the forefront in delivering cutting-edge greenhouse solutions and unparalleled service to empower growers across the globe.

More about GreenV

Our selected partners

At Prins USA, we recognize that building thriving businesses in horticulture requires strategic partnerships. We go beyond collaboration alone; we cultivate a group of like-minded entities connected by a shared passion for horticulture. Within our network, our own GreenV companies play a central role. They bring specialized expertise and innovative solutions honed through years of experience. We understand the importance of diversity and synergy, which is why we carefully select partners that complement our strengths and enhance our capabilities. Together, we form a dynamic ecosystem focused on delivering great results and maximizing your success. When you choose Prins USA, you not only get a service provider, but you join a powerful alliance committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the horticultural industry.