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Prins USA leads by example when it comes to project management on greenhouse construction projects. From careful planning and precise execution to effective communication and seamless coordination, our project management approach is outstanding. Our commitment to quality and efficiency ensures that every greenhouse project is completed on time, on budget and to the highest standards of craftmanship.


The Plant Company

📐 24.300 m2     🌱 Potted Plants

For The Plant Company, Prins USA is constructing a combined total of 3.5 acres of greenhouse space along with 2.5 acres of warehouse/barn facilities. This comprehensive undertaking encompasses everything from initial design and production to construction and ongoing maintenance, all meticulously managed by Prins USA with close collaboration of our Dutch partners (Prins Group, HT Verboom, Stolze and Voshol).

Harnessing the latest in greenhouse technology, our project features two multi-layer rooting chambers, an ebb/flood table system, transport lanes, spray booms, bench washer, and an overhead crane. These sophisticated systems are meticulously planned for deployment within the specified timeline, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality. Substantial completion is anticipated for the end of July 2024.

Color Orchids Virginia

📐 17.000 m2     🌱 Orchids

Color Orchids is a family-owned business committed to cultivating beautiful orchids in all shapes and sizes. For Color Orchids Virginia, Prins USA built a 17,000 square meter greenhouse complex. This complete greenhouse project included construction of the greenhouse structure, shading, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, and lighting installations, alongside the warehouse, office area, and boiler room infrastructure.

Completed in 2020, this project incorporated cutting-edge greenhouse technology and top-quality materials sourced from our esteemed partners Schep, HT Verboom, Voshol and Stolze. This all-encompassing project can be seen in our corporate video.


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