Climate Technology

At Prins USA, we understand that effective climate management is the cornerstone of successful horticulture. Our advanced climate technology empowers growers to precisely control conditions, fostering healthier crops and higher yields throughout the cultivation cycle.

Complete climate control at your fingertips

Prins USA can advise you in a cultivation strategy according to the Dutch approach to Plant Empowerment (HNT). A revolutionary approach based on pioneering insights into greenhouse climates and plant needs. With energy savings of up to 30%, coupled with reduced reliance on pesticides, this innovative strategy represents a paradigm shift in greenhouse horticulture. To achieve this, you need to leverage the reliability of a climate computer. From optimizing grow lights to regulating humidity and navigating unpredictable weather patterns, our team recognizes the indispensable role of climate computers. These advanced systems are the foundation of any climate management solution, seamlessly controlling heating, cooling and CO2 systems with unparalleled precision.


Heating Systems

Heating is essential for crop growth, and at Prins USA, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to maximize efficiency and sustainability. Our expertise in combined heat and power (CHP) and greenhouse heating ensures optimal climate control, precisely calibrated to your specific crops and growing environment.

Cooling Systems

Achieving the ideal greenhouse climate demands cooling solutions. Our comprehensive cooling systems are expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate into your operation. Whether it's adiabatic cooling for precise humidity control or industrial cooling for large-scale facilities, our solutions are designed to optimize temperature and humidity levels, ensuring optimal crop gowth.

CO2 Installations

CO2 is the lifeblood of plant growth, and our CO2 installations guarantee precise regulation for maximum utilization. Leveraging innovative technologies like combined heat and power (CHP), we reduce emissions and facilitate the transition to emission-free cultivation. Our advanced CO2 management solutions significantly enhance crop growth and drive sustainable cultivation practices.

Revolutionizing Cultivation Strategies

Our partner Green Simplicity has developed an innovative solution for climate control in greenhouses: the Dry+ Climate unit. This unit provides electric cooling, dehumidification and heating of the air in your growing space. The revolutionary Dry+ Climate is an all-electric air handling unit with an integrated heat pump, heat recovery and outdoor condenser.

The system stands out for its higher efficiency, up to 50 percent more compared to existing dehumidification systems. These technical applications allow the Dry+ unit to cool, dehumidify and heat, providing greater flexibility and control throughout the cultivation process.

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