Greenhouse Construction

By partnering with Prins USA for your greenhouse project, you’re not just investing – you’re securing a profitable venture that stands the test of time. Our total solution in greenhouse construction ensures peace of mind throughout your project journey.

Business Plan, Design, and Production

Prins USA offers total greenhouse construction on a fixed module basis, with our experts helping to prepare the business plan to identify benefits, investments, potential profits and risks. Our experienced team meticulously designs the entire greenhouse project, including construction, installations and systems. Gathering the right information is paramount when starting a greenhouse project. This includes understanding the local climate, plant diseases and pests, specifics of the land and market research – looking at what products to grow based on price, supply and demand. Greenhouse projects vary widely, but armed with the right data, we can achieve optimal results. Once the design phase is complete, we begin manufacturing materials and preparing for the project. Engineering and production take place at our facilities in the Netherlands, using state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the best quality.


The Venlo greenhouse type offered by Prins USA is ideally suited for cultivating vegetables, plants, and flowers. Available in various dimensions and configurations, Venlo's flexibility and adaptability make it a staple greenhouse design worldwide.


Prins USA's Max Air roof and facade system is an enhancement of the Venlo greenhouse. While standard Venlo structures feature a set number of windows per section for ventilation, the Max Air roof allows the entire section to function as a ventilation window, opening from the gutter instead of the ridge.


Wide-Span represents Prins USA's broad span greenhouse model, characterized by its wide roof span creating ample space between greenhouse posts. This design is particularly suitable for horticultural projects requiring complex internal transportation or the cultivation of tree species.

Construction, Maintenance, and Support

Equipped with high-quality, modern machinery, Prins USA’s seasoned team carries out projects from foundation to completion, including implementation of all necessary systems. This ensures seamless project delivery of the highest caliber. In our specially equipped warehouse in Virginia, we meticulously convert our own greenhouse designs into construction material. Our experts help create maintenance schedules to regularly check all facilities and systems, mitigate problems and extend system life. Prins USA offers periodic inspection services for every aspect of your project to continually optimize performance.

Interested in Our Greenhouse Construction?

Our materials have exceptional longevity, resulting in a sustainable, safe and commercially viable growing environment. Using the power of glass in greenhouse construction optimizes the power of nature’s gifts and ensures a profitable investment for a longer time. Are you ready to invest in a green future with a greenhouse? Let us guide you through the complete construction process from start to finish.

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