Grow Lights

Grow light is not only essential; it is the lifeblood of greenhouse cultivation, stimulating photosynthesis and crop growth. Working with a range of esteemed grow light suppliers, we develop solutions that define efficiency.

Every light plan tailored to perfection

Each crop has unique lighting requirements, and your preferences as a grower are paramount when choosing lighting. Do you want more intensity? Lower energy consumption? With a carefully crafted lighting plan, we navigate the nuances to determine the grow lighting that best suits your growing needs.

When creating the lighting plan, we consider greenhouse dimensions, crop type and available natural light as basic elements. Working with growers, we determine the optimal lighting solution: LED, HPS or a hybrid combination. Prins USA supplies a range of grow lights for greenhouse lighting. Together with our carefully chosen partners, we use top suppliers to customize systems. As system integrators, we are adept at accurately installing any desired setup. Our analysis considers critical parameters such as light intensity, quality, energy consumption and desired crop growth to find the ultimate balance between maximum yield and minimum energy consumption.

LED Lighting

LED lighting stands for longevity and energy efficiency. Not only does LED illumination boast an extended lifespan and reduced energy consumption, but it also fosters higher yields (averaging 15%), earlier flowering, accelerated root growth, and enhanced plant growth control through dimmable features. Transitioning from HPS to LED can slash your electricity consumption by half, with the savings often recouping the investment within two years.

Hybrid Lighting

Hybrid lighting, a combination of HPS lamps and LED illumination, emerges as a favored cultivation system across various crops. Harnessing the strengths of both LED and HPS, a judicious spectrum selection enhances plant quality and accelerates plant development. Within a tailor-made light plan, we navigate towards the optimal balance of light, emission, and energy consumption.

HPS Lighting

Long reigning as the main option of greenhouse lighting, HPS (or SON-T, HID) illumination supplements sunlight deficiency to bolster crop growth. Beyond just light, HPS lamps emit warmth. While HPS lamps offer a lower upfront cost compared to LED, they do possess a shorter lifespan. We provide end-to-end installations for HPS lighting in greenhouse cultivation, meticulously crafted in our own overseas workshops in the Netherlands.

Daylight-free Growing

Indoor farming represents a crucial revolution in the local production of fresh vegetables worldwide, reducing food miles, conserving water, and enabling cleaner cultivation practices. Crops are grown in multiple layers above each other, demanding specific indoor growing technology for optimal growing conditions. Controlled environments ensure consistent quality and production. With our advanced irrigation and recirculation systems, we minimize water consumption.

Custom Climate Chamber
Together with our partner Green Simplicity, we offer a custom-made climate chamber. Developed in collaboration with growers, our climate chambers prioritize innovation, affordability, and maximum flexibility. With our climate chambers, you can effortlessly adjust temperature, humidity, watering, CO2 levels, and LED lighting for any crop.

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Knowledge about how lighting affects crops is vast, and the desire for energy efficiency continues to grow. At Prins USA, we evolve with these trends, hand-in-hand with our partners. We create lighting plans tailored to your needs, based on our extensive expertise and on-site research. Contact our specialists, and let’s illuminate the possibilities for your project!

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