Indoor & Vertical Farming

Indoor growing and vertical farming are globally pioneering cultivation techniques with numerous advantages. Prins USA believes in indoor farming. We excel in delivering and installing systems and techniques for optimal closed-loop plant production systems.

Revolutionizing Indoor Growing

Indoor farming represents a crucial revolution in the local production of fresh vegetables worldwide, reducing food miles, conserving water, and enabling cleaner cultivation practices. Crops are grown in multiple layers above each other, demanding specific indoor growing technology for optimal growing conditions. Controlled environments ensure consistent quality and production. With our advanced irrigation and recirculation systems, we minimize water consumption.

Our hybrid solution merges the best of both worlds, Greenhouse & Indoor Growing. Our proven system seamlessly integrates Indoor Farming with various types of greenhouse structures. This allows you to harness the benefits of both cultivation methods and create optimal growing conditions throughout your crop’s lifecycle. This is particularly critical during the propagation stage, where precise control of growing conditions is essential for generating high-quality young plants. Our solution enables you to incorporate propagation into your overall growing activities in a flexible, cost-effective, and foolproof manner.

Vertical Farming

In collaboration with our partner Green Simplicity, Prins USA develops and constructs advanced systems for cultivating crops in a daylight-free, fully enclosed, and controlled environment. Within the GreenV consortium, we have developed two standardized and fully automated Vertical Farms, the VF-1 and the VF-2, seamlessly integrating all the different solutions that collectively form a comprehensive cultivation system. In addition to these standard models, we also construct customized vertical farming systems tailored to our customers’ preferences. Together with our partners, we can implement these solutions utilizing any available infrastructure in any location worldwide.

Vertical Farming System 1

Our VF-1 system, also known as our 'single-track vertical farm,' offers six growing layers and one container track per unit. With a maximum length of 40 meters—scalable in length and height—and a manual or automated transport system, it integrates seamlessly into your operational facilities. The irrigation system, equipped with spray booms and/or an ebb & flood system, ensures optimal water circulation and utilization.

Vertical Farming System 2

For customers seeking greater capacity and flexibility, we offer the VF-2 system, our 'double-track vertical farm.' This system provides up to ten growing layers and two parallel container tracks per unit. Like the VF-1, the VF-2 is scalable in length and height and features a fully automated transport system. Additionally, the VF-2 complements an isolated greenhouse construction perfectly. Here, too, we provide an optimal irrigation system with spray booms and/or an ebb & flood system.

Custom Climate Chamber

Optimize your crop growth with a custom-made climate chamber! Developed in collaboration with growers, our climate chambers prioritize innovation, affordability, and maximum flexibility. With our climate chambers, you can effortlessly adjust temperature, humidity, watering, CO2 levels, and LED lighting for any crop.

Interested in our Indoor & Vertical Farm Solutions?

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your crops and production process? Green Simplicity Research is poised to assist you with plant-focused research and testing in a controlled environment. Once conclusions are drawn, Green Simplicity Concepts is prepared to guide you through the scaling-up process. Our team is eager to discuss the possibilities and provide personalized consultations and demonstrations. Contact us now for more information.

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