Internal Transport Systems

At Prins USA, we’re not just about keeping your logistics in motion—we’re about propelling your horticultural operations to new heights. We recognize that logistics is the lifeline of your business. That’s why we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge cultivation systems, meticulously designed and calibrated to meet your unique needs.

Solutions That Move Your Business Forward

Together with our GreenV partners, Prins USA specializes in providing internal logistics systems tailored to the greenhouse industry. For years, we have been improving greenhouses by developing systems that not only increase production capacity per square meter, but also significantly reduce production costs. Tailored to the crop type, production process and your specific requirements, our systems revolutionize logistics and provide seamless operation tailored specifically to you. Our growing systems can be adapted to a wide range of crop types and set a new standard in horticultural efficiency.

Our specially designed containers offer a reliable, efficient method for growing flowers and plants in pots and provide seamless separation of growing stages. Our aluminum containers are available in a wide range of sizes, equipped with a base of your choice (ebb and flow, galvanized, poly) and including options such as container washing and stacking systems. This ensures versatility and efficiency in your growing process.

Logistic systems

Our conveyor systems are the lifeline for moving containers within the growing areas of your greenhouse. Constructed of durable aluminum with rugged plastic wheels, these conveyors ensure a smooth transition of containers. Integrated air-powered lifts facilitate transverse transport and offer both fully automated and manual operation.

Overhead Cranes

The versatility of our overhead cranes redefines container transport within the greenhouse, allowing for precise placement anywhere in the facility. Its ability to directly move containers, including stacking empty ones, showcases its indispensable role in optimizing space and efficiency. Talk about elevating potential!

Layered cultivation

Embrace the vertical dimension with additional cultivation layers, dramatically increasing your production capacity. Our systems ensure seamless transportation of containers to and from these layers, complemented by powered conveyor belts and mechanisms for efficient container handling.

Cultivation Tables

Our range of cultivation and display tables, available in various sizes and customized designs, support diverse growing methods with options for ebb-and-flood, mesh, or styrofoam bases. Designed for flexibility, these tables come with adjustable feet or casters, along with tailored water management systems for optimal cultivation conditions.

Automate your Distribution and (Re)packaging

Our distribution systems automate your sorting and delivery processes, streamlining your operations to minimize errors and increase efficiency. Some of our solutions include picking robots and packing and potting stations tailored to your needs. For the AGF sector, Prins USA’s mobile repacking stations are designed to increase the productivity of your packing team, optimize workflow and reduce labor costs.

Ready to Elevate Your Operations?

At Prins USA, we go beyond mere logistics solutions; we’re your growth enablers, specializing in mobile container systems, gutter systems, multi-layer setups, and workplace automation. Our mission is to transform your logistic processes, enhance crop production and quality, improve working conditions, reduce costs, and maximize your growing space.

Eager to learn how our Internal Transport Systems can revolutionize your horticultural logistics? We’re here to guide you through our solutions designed to turbocharge your growth. Let’s discuss how we can tailor our systems to meet your needs.

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