Screening & Energy Savings

At Prins USA, we recognize that energy consumption is a formidable challenge for greenhouse operations. Our screening solutions offer a bold approach to slashing energy costs while optimizing light transmission levels to fuel growth.

Harnessing the power of sunlight

Smart climate control begins with intelligent screening solutions. Our energy-saving screens boast the potential to slash energy usage up to 50%, while our light-diffusing screens ensure optimal light dispersion, fostering robust yields and superior product quality. From blackout screens to tailor-made shading options, we provide a comprehensive array of solutions to suit every need.

Say goodbye to wasted energy escaping through the greenhouse roof. Our innovative screen fabrics act as a protective barrier, trapping conditioned air inside while minimizing heat loss. With Prins USA’s Energy Saving Screens, you get maximum insulation with minimal light loss, ensuring your crops thrive without compromising on energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Screens

Our shading screens, fortified with aluminum, serve a dual purpose—shielding your crops from intense sunlight during the day while conserving energy at night. Harnessing the power of the sun has never been easier!

Diffusion Screens

Screening is a perfect way to create diffusion when desired. Light diffusion screens scatters the light, eliminating shade and thus allowing light to penetrate deep into the crops. For healthier, more vigorous plants.

Blackout Screens

And for those seeking total light control, our blackout screens offer unparalleled darkness. Whether this is to control the length of the day, or to prevent light pollution towards neighbors and nature. Screening fabrics have been developed to eliminate all light transmission.

Return on Investment with Energy Screens

Depending on the type of screen selected, its installation, and frequency of use, you can slash energy costs by anywhere from 10% to 70%. This is achieved by decreasing the amount of air needed for heating and ensuring that the heat remains within the greenhouse. By doing so, the heat is directed towards the crops where it’s needed, rather than dissipating upwards where the plants can’t benefit from it. As growers become more accustomed to using the screens, they gain valuable experience in utilizing them as a tool for optimal climate management.

Energy screens offer the added advantage of providing a swift return on investment through energy savings. Single-layer screens often recoup their costs in less than three years, and sometimes even in under two. It’s the most effective method for conserving energy.

Interested in our Screening solutions?

Ready to take your greenhouse to the next level? Our screening solutions, with their customizable layers and endless configurations, offer the perfect balance of efficiency and performance. Whether it’s choosing between energy-saving or diffusion screens, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s optimize your cultivation strategy, slash your energy bills, and elevate the quality of your products together.

Don’t settle for subpar greenhouse performance. Reach out to us and discover how our screening solutions can transform your operation. Together, we’ll illuminate the path to unparalleled efficiency and success.

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