Service & Maintenance

At Prins USA, we understand the critical importance of effective management and maintenance of all installations within your horticulture operations. Our commitment extends far beyond simply addressing urgent issues. Our services include preventive maintenance, inspections, and consultative advice, all aimed at enhancing the continuity and efficiency of your cultivation and production processes.

Rapid Response to Acute Failures

In the realm of horticultural technology, Prins USA stands as your dependable partner, ready to support you with unmatched service. Wear and tear, leaks, or potential fire hazards can bring your installations to a halt – a scenario you want resolved immediately. Our skilled service technicians are equipped to get your systems back up and running swiftly. Should you encounter a malfunction, we urge you to reach out to us without delay. Contact us to explore the possibilities tailored for you.

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Find out why a service contract with Prins USA is a good idea:

Helps to prevent damage and subsequent issues.

Ensures the continuity of your production process.

You are always sure of spare parts in stock in the US.

Worry free, allowing you to focus only on cultivation.

Tailored Service Solutions

The adage “prevention is better than cure” is especially relevant in our field. This understanding led us to offer periodic service. With our customized service packages, we regularly conduct preventive maintenance, inspections, and provide ongoing support, thereby minimizing damage, unplanned downtime, and costs. This significantly enhances the reliability of our installations.

Within our periodic services, you can select the service package that best meets your needs, available in modular formats. We conduct periodic inspections in compliance with the latest regulations for your installations, electrical systems, grow lights, and solar panels. Our comprehensive maintenance services include your water technology systems, weather stations, CO2 meters and other sensors. Moreover, our support desk is always at your disposal to troubleshoot issues, both remotely and on-site.

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We guarantee continuity and innovation through three pillars: maintenance, inspection, and consultancy. Our maintenance services include periodic maintenance, malfunctions on-site and our support desk. These services ensure the uninterrupted operation of your installations, contributing to the optimal growth of your crops, the quality of your horticultural products, and your cultivation production. With Prins USA, you are always assured of processes that function flawlessly. Contact us to explore the possibilities tailored for you.

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