Water Technology

Prins USA specializes in delivering comprehensive water technology solutions tailored to your unique needs. From precise irrigation systems to advanced water treatment, we ensure efficient water management, fostering optimal crop growth and sustainability.

Precise Water Management for Horticulture

Horticulture and water are inseparable. Every crop has its specific water and nutrient requirements for optimal growth. Therefore, water technology in horticulture is a multifaceted discipline, where precision is important. With resources becoming scarcer, optimal water management is imperative, encompassing irrigation systems, water units, storage, treatment, and nutrient delivery. At Prins USA, we design, develop, deliver, and install water technology tailored to every horticultural cultivation. From advanced roof irrigation to custom-made dosing units, our focus remains steadfast on crop quality, grower profitability, and sustainability.

Water Treatment

Pure water with a stable pH level is vital for crop quality and growth. Prins USA offers standard water disinfection systems alongside custom-designed installations. From osmosis units to UV disinfectors, we ensure the delivery of pristine water for your crops' needs.

Water Units

In collaboration with our partner Stolze, we develop, design, and construct our water units tailored to each installation. Whether it's for water disinfection, irrigation, automatic nutrient dosing, or return flow disinfection, each unit is meticulously assembled to meet your specific requirements.

Irrigation Systems

An efficient irrigation system optimally promotes crop growth by delivering the right amount of water and nutrients. Prins USA develops and installs horticultural irrigation systems, including flood and drain systems, drip irrigation, roof irrigation, overhead irrigation, and sprinkler systems.

Water Storage

Adequate water storage is indispensable for every grower to ensure water availability. Prins USA offers water tanks, basins, and underground storage solutions to safeguard your access to high-quality irrigation water.

Water Solutions

Efficient water technology in horticulture comprises various disciplines, culminating in a comprehensive solution for efficient water management. This entails carefully engineered water management systems, modern irrigation methods, appropriate water units, meticulous water treatment, and nutrient-water alignment. Effective water management in modern horticulture revolves around circular water usage, aiming to conserve water and nutrients. It’s efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. At Prins USA, we assist growers in optimizing the process of circular water usage to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Interested in Our Water Technology?

Horticulture relies heavily on water and proper water storage remains crucial. A well-functioning water system starts with the main pipeline, which must be appropriately sized. That’s why early involvement in a project is crucial. Do you have questions or need advice for your cultivation or greenhouse? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you.

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