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At Prins USA, we pride ourselves on our meticulous project management, so you can rest assured that every detail will be handled with care. With our comprehensive services that include contracting, engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance, we provide a seamless process from start to finish. Our US-based team of greenhouse design and engineering systems specialists, combined with our strategic partnerships in heating, cooling, irrigation and more, provide advanced solutions tailored to your needs.

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As a leading greenhouse constructor and horticultural system integrator in America, we offer complete greenhouse projects, from design to greenhouse construction to system integration to maintenance. Our experienced team not only understands your specific requirements, but also navigates local climate challenges to meet them. We specialize in a wide range of crops, from fresh produce to flowers and plants, and are committed to sustainable growing methods with maximum cost efficiency.

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Our expert team ensures that your greenhouse remains in top condition by offering periodic maintenance, acute breakdown services and our support desk. Supported by experienced installation teams and modern equipment, we are committed to optimizing the performance and longevity of your greenhouse and systems with unparalleled service and maintenance packages. Contact us for a detailed overview and find out how Prins USA can improve your horticultural operations.

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With global food, energy and climate challenges, the demand for sustainable solutions is exploding. Seize the opportunity to make a positive impact and achieve high returns by investing in horticulture with us. The future of horticulture will be determined by innovations such as data-driven growing and mechanization. At Prins USA, we are at the forefront of developing advanced production systems that align with your sustainability and profitability goals. We are dedicated to building your ultimate business case, tailored to your market dynamics and personal ambitions, ensuring a 360º approach to a sustainable, long-term horticultural strategy. Together, let’s simplify growth and optimize profitability. We’re looking forward to help turn your ideas into reality.

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Part of GreenV

We are proud to be part of the GreenV group of companies, a powerhouse in the horticultural industry. By joining forces with GreenV, we are combining additional expertise to enhance our operations in the American market. This makes us the only Dutch greenhouse supplier and manufacturer with an US based office and labor force. Together with GreenV, we streamline processes, attract top talent and broaden our service offerings while maintaining our family-like communication and accessibility. With a shared passion for horticulture and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Prins USA and GreenV are your gateway to unparalleled complete greenhouse projects, knowledge and experience. Welcome to a new era of innovation and partnership in horticulture.

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