Electrical Integrations

At Prins USA, we are constantly revolutionizing electrical integrations for greenhouse horticulture. Through cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail, we elevate greenhouse operations to new heights.

The backbone of a well-functioning greenhouse

Electrical installations and system integration ensure that systems and equipment can perform their intended functions flawlessly. All of these systems converge within the process computer, which controls the installations via switch panels. This includes heating and cooling, ventilation systems, climate screens, humidification, and potential dehumidification. Electrical engineering establishes the groundwork for connecting and integrating all elements with process automation.

Our partner, Stolze, has been a specialist in electrical installations for greenhouse horticulture since 1969. We possess comprehensive knowledge of both horticulture and electrical systems. We integrate and automate all systems and processes, with efficiency, convenience, and sustainability as our guiding principles.

Our team is able to create an optimal greenhouse climate with the right electrical installations. The systems that we integrate in your greenhouse regulate essential growing conditions such as light, temperature, humidity, and CO2. We intelligently integrate standalone systems; Screening, Heating, Cooling, Electric boilers, Lighting and Water treatment, for an efficient overall solution.

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Efficient electrical engineering is crucial not only for greenhouse operations but also for office spaces and other facilities within your horticultural enterprise. We develop and install advanced electrical systems that automate, streamline, and enhance processes; Cooling, Heating, Lighting, Broadcasting, Alarm- and Access control systems. We can even help you integrate your data- and telecom networks.

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Our team ensures that your greenhouse remains in op condition by offering periodic maintenance, acute breakdown services and our support desk. Supported by experienced installation teams and modern equipment, we are committed to optimizing the performance and longevity of your greenhouse and systems with unparalleled service and maintenance packages. Contact us for a detailed overview and find out how Prins USA can improve your horticultural operations.

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Integrating Light, Climate, and Automation

For successful and healthy cultivation, achieving an optimal combination of light, temperature, humidity, and CO2 is imperative. Our team of engineers and designers work together to ensure the ideal conditions within the greenhouse. Electrical engineering serves as the foundation for connecting all elements and integrating them with process automation.

Switch panels act as the literal switch between the process computer and control. At Prins USA, our switch panels are custom-designed and built in-house. We utilize centralized panels where the inputs and outputs of the process computer are integrated into the panel. This means a significant portion of the installation work is performed in our own workshops, minimizing installation time on-site.

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When we think of electrical engineering in greenhouse horticulture, we often focus on installations within the greenhouse and operational spaces. While that is true, electrical engineering encompasses much more. All these electrical installations collectively contribute to an efficient and sustainable operation.

How can you manage energy as efficiently as possible, in a sustainable manner, without compromising on the quality and production of your crops? This is the question every grower grapples with. Prins USA is well-versed in various techniques for energy conservation and sustainable generation.

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